Speciale Audizioni

Special Music Audition

Special Auditions for new female singers genre: English/Dance

we are looking  for new singers of  Italy,  U.K. France, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Malta, Czechoslovakia,  to be launched in the world of DANCE MUSIC in new projects of unpublished songs and music videos.

requirements required:

- Age  from 18 to 28;

- good ability to sing;

- perfect English speaking language;

- nice presence;

- good dance ability;

- be free from any recording contract and all its binding commitments.

Our record production will take place in Italy,

all productions costs will be ours.

Send your audio video demo links (Website,  Facebook, Youtube, etc.)


to: hm@hangarmusic.com

Special Music Audition

English and Spanish

We are looking for good Lyrics songwritter genre: Pop , Dance, etc.